A web based software that uses Quality Risk Management to organize, analyze and trace Quality information directly to the specific risk it represents to the patient and drug product.

Why Us?

CINCO, a risk-based quality management software for the Life Sciences Industry. It provides paperless traceability of every critical to quality aspect of a drug or medical device to enable transparent quality decisions at every moment.
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Why Risk Management?

Quality Risk Management is methodology that provides an objective approach into identifying and mitigating the risks of a drug or medical device manufacturing process. It is currently required by most regulatory agencies. However, the paper-based approach the Life Sciences Industry currently uses its ineffective in managing the significant and valuable risk data. It is prone to errors, introduces too much friction to the users and ends up not adding the potential value to the operations.

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(787) 633-7639

1413 Avenida Juan Ponce de LeónSan Juan, PR 00909

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